We Take PRIDE In Our Work ....You Take PRIDE In Your Lawn
We Take PRIDE In Our Work ....You Take PRIDE In Your Lawn

Our Services

Landscape Maintenance and Design


We believe landscaping should be a beautiful, low maintenance cost-effective accent to your lawn. Landscaping should be enjoyed, not a constant drain of time and money. We help you enjoy your outdoor space, not be a slave to it!


We use electronic tools that allow you to actively participate in your design. We work with you to unerstand how you want to use your outdoor space, and help you use it most effectively. We test the soil to select plants and flowers that are best suited to your property and will do well in with the soil you have. If necessary, we can also provide soil amendments to ensure the healthiest and best-looking plants and flowers.



We focus on responsible plantings to ensure we are economical with water, maintenance and initial cost. We work with you to establish a reasonable budget that will meet your aesthetic and budgetary objectives. 


Lawn Maintenance


Why spend your weekend maintaining your lawn? Weekends are a time of rest and relaxation, so why spend them cutting grass, trimming and cleaning up the lawn? Our professional maintenance services allow you to enjoy the lawn, not be a slave to it. We maintain our equipment on a weekly basis to ensure the best cuts and healthiest lawns.


We aren't one of those companies that show up with three or four scary guys and  a truck and are in and out in 10 minutes. We pay attention to detail with cutting, trimming and clean up. If we notice any issues with the lawn or landscape, we'll notify you in writing or by text - that can't be done with a 10-minute whirlwind cutting. We want your yard to be the PRIDE of your neighborhood.


Fertilizing and Aerating


We believe in checking your lawn carwefully to determine what fertilizers and enhancements are best for your turf and landscape. We make sure the proper combinations are applied so you have the greenest lawn in the neighborhood. Aerating and de-thatching are an important part of the fertilization process, so we provide this service as well. 


Petey doesn't like wasteful watering systems!

Sprinklers and Irrigation


We provide design, installation and maintenance for sprinkers and irrigation systems for just about any budget. Having an automated sprinkler system can be much more affordable than you think. We provide both in-ground and above-ground systems, high-end controllers, remote controllers and even sysytems that can be activated and managed from your phone or computer. 


Each system is designed with unique zones to manage both the needs of the turf and landscape while conserving as much water as possible. We carefully analyze soil and lawn conditions to ensure deep-root growth of turf and efficicent water use by ornamentals and plants.

Petey says the snow must go!!

Snow Removal


No one likes to shovel snow!! With our customized snow removal plans, you never have to worry about digging out before work or after a hard day. When the snow level reaches your customized plan level, we'll be there to get rid of it right away. We also do sidewalks and deal with ice and icicles. We even clean off the car if it's outisde - who does that for you? Only Petey's "PRIDE" Team!!


Stay safe and warm while your snow disappears!


Spring and Fall Clean-ups


Don't spend your precious family time raking leaves or cleaning up the debris from a long, hard winter. We'll take care of it for you, quickly and inexpensively!


Home and Property Management


Take your vacation or spend the winter in a warm and sunny climate without worrying about your home or property. We work with you on a customized plan with detailed checks daily, weekly or bi-weekly. We check all locks, windows, pipes, basements and other areas of risk. We also pick up those pesky paper drops and pick up any trash that appears on your property. We'll also work with you on lighting timers and other burglar deterents. Keep your time away from home worry free.



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Tip of the Week:

How you water affects your wallet, your grass and the environment!

With all the rain we've had the last few weeks, please remember to turn off your sprinklers! For customers, remember, we won't cut wet grass, as it's bad for the lawn.We'll be there as soon as it's dry if it rains on your mow  day.

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