We Take PRIDE In Our Work ....You Take PRIDE In Your Lawn
We Take PRIDE In Our Work ....You Take PRIDE In Your Lawn

About Pride Lawns...

A passion for beautiful, environmentally conscious lawns drives everything we do 


Our favorite customers are those who take the most PRIDE in their lawns and landscaping. For much of the year, our lawns can be a wonderful part of our lives whether we have kids, pets or just like to enjoy a beautiful summer afternoon or evening outdoors. A beautiful lawn is a reflection of who we are and shows strong PRIDE of ownership in our homes. 


It's our philosophy to partner with the home owner to understand how you want to best enjoy your lawn and utilize your outdoor spaces. It's a lot more than just cutting grass, planting shrubs or flowers and making sure the sprinkler comes on every morning. We take the time to apply your outdoor lifestyle to the lawn and landscaping itself. We believe in using plants, flowers and grasses that are either indiginous to Long Island or that have adapted and grow well here. 


We also believe in plantings that are economical with one of our most valuable resources - water. Irresponsible use of water is rampant throughout the state and country, so we work with you to ensure we aren't wasting this valuable resource. Saving water also saves money!!


Give us a call at 631.921.6447 or use our Contact Form to see how we can make your lawn the PRIDE of your neighborhood!



Petey wants your lawn to be as lush as his!

About Peter T. Dog (Petey)


Petey is our proud mascot, and you may see him on the truck or occasionally supervising a job if he's been invited by the customer. Petey is a rescue, and epitomozes why sometimes rescues are the best dogs you could ever have. Petey was rescued from the Town of Brookhaven Animal Shelter. He had been abandoned, and it was obvious when he came home he had been abused. He was afraid of many things, including lawn tools with long handles. He cowered when anyone put a hand near his face.


Now, he is one of the most outgoing and sweetest, loving dogs. When he's in the yard, people stop to talk to him and pet him over the fence. Some people even stop and take pictures of him. Inside, he's 90 pounds of cuddly, loving friend and wannabe lap dog. 


Please consider adopting if you're thinking of getting a pet to enjoy your indoor and outdoor space!


Town of Brookhaven Animal Shelter


The Little Shelter


Pride Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance

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Tip of the Week:

How you water affects your wallet, your grass and the environment!

With all the rain we've had the last few weeks, please remember to turn off your sprinklers! For customers, remember, we won't cut wet grass, as it's bad for the lawn.We'll be there as soon as it's dry if it rains on your mow  day.

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